Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DAY 2 - Seriously, I Hear You

Other than congratulations, the most common reaction I get on my trip is worry. I wanted to give a special shout out to everyone who wants me to be safe. How could I possibly take that any way but well? So other than promising you that I'll be safe, what am I doing to prepare for two years in the Middle East? Especially in a country trying to form a government?

First, I don't arrive in Egypt for two more months. I'll be in Paris for the rest of the summer. I'll use that time to study Arabic and Middle Eastern culture. I might not be able to "blend," exactly, but I can make sure I'm as knowledgeable as possible so I don't embarrass myself. 

Is the sky just as blue over there?

Once I arrive, I'll be staying at the American University which has very good security. I'll register with the American embassy, am in contact with some veteran expats who are great sources of information, and will be on the first plane home if it looks like things are going south.  

So thank you to all who have expressed concern. Despite the wacky nature of some of the blog entries, I take the trip seriously and realize that Egypt and the Middle East are not on the top of every travel list. Then again, I don't know if Marco Polo had China on his list when he first set out. It's the journey, right? Not the destination...

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