Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the SABDAS Award Nomination is in!!!

On a long journey, we need help along the way. Sometimes someone does something selfless and they deserve credit. Tonight's nominee for the Simba The Amazing Bath Dog Award for Support of the Arts  (SABDASA) is Liz Newkirk. 

Suitable For Framing

When it was closing in on midnight and she really did want to go to bed (or at least texting friends and Facebooking), did she? No! She stayed up going through MacForums to solve a vexing problem on Graeme's 2009 Macbook involving fun things like Font Notebook, and Arial conflicts between User group and Computer group. If your eyes are beginning to glaze over out of tech-boredom, join the club. We could barely keep ourselves awake. "God, God help us," we said. There was gnashing of teeth, and consternation at the perniciousness of the problem.

But when Liz finally broke through Font Book's weak armor, not only did many of my documents with "invisible text" suddenly become visible, but my websites regained previously invisible Arial texts, and most importantly, my new SONY reader finally displayed library menus (which of course... were in Arial.) None of this would have been possible without Liz's dedication, stamina, creative drive, and desperation to get away from a controlling Leo who wooed her with promises of sleep.

For this, she's being nominated for a SABDAS.

Will she accept?

Tune in tomorrow where we might be able to catch her on the Washington mall in front of the Washington Monument, or other things Washington...


  1. Okay. I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm T! I'm dense. :-)

  2. i nominate myself for the "still in denial graeme is going to egypt award" - yes I accept!

    glad you got fonts back - that would suck!

  3. I'm a Leo too, you know.