Saturday, June 23, 2012

They Pay It Forward

Terry (left) and Clark (right) allowed me to take a candid
My blog would not be complete without thanking my benefactors Terry and Clark. This couple has been a long-time supporter of mine, starting back in 1998 after my mother had died. They took me in when I had no money and no resources to move. I spent a year getting my engines restarted before launching myself back to New York. When I left in 1999 that first time, they said 'if you ever need to come back.' Pfft, I thought, sure, right, I'm an adult, what could happen?

Well, life (as she is so want to do) happened. After four years of a night job and Luis on dialysis, I had run myself into the ground. So back to Chez Terry & Clark Spa East. I've spent the last year rebuilding myself spiritually and psychologically and professionally, none of which would have been possible without their "East Wing." All mansion jokes aside, this room provided me the shelter, solitude, and space without which none of what I'm doing now (writing professionally, going back to school, traveling) would have been possible.
They are as lovely and solid as their home. I love them. I thank them.

the writer at his tidy desk
my room is the East Wing on the right side of the pic


  1. i thought you had the maid's suite.
    sweet guys - whose glass cutlery skills can shake a man to the core ;)