Monday, July 2, 2012

Ordeal by Disney Channel

Sarah the Innocent
I'm proud to announce my new English teacher. Her name is Sarah and she's 10 years old. We're using the Disney Channel Method which is useful because it features a lot of the Jonas Brothers in Camp Rock (in French, you say Comp Rouck apparently, according to Sarah).

Sarah the Little Devil (see the difference?)

GIVE me that PHONE!!!

But without her, I would not be able to figure out the phone, so I'll put up with some very long song & dance numbers like "This is Our Summer, This is Our Song."

It's humbling when your language skills drop below (way below) those of someone in 5th grade.

p.s. The video portion is all hers.

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  1. I'm a bit queasy after watching your video, but your French is impressive...I speak no French so even if you were speaking gibberish, I'd still be impressed.