Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Quick Dublin Post

I'm in Ireland visiting two totally unrelated friends (serendipity). My friend Melissa and her lovely husband and two kids are putting me up, and my friend Audrey is visiting from the States with her Irish husband Robert and their two kids. Just sight-seeing and catching up. It's a lovely country, a lovely town. We had one brilliant, almost-hot day sandwiched by two days of rain. An Irish Weather Sandwich I'll call it.

Glendalough in County Wicklow

You have to put your hand in finger the fingerhold on the left, and reach into the water pool in the stone. If you can (which is a little easier when it's raining all day) you get a wish. I wish my back wasn't so sore!

Seraphina at the lake

A bag of "chips" to warm us up.

Me and Audrey on the upper lake

Don't let the sweet faces fool you, they're holy hiking terrors!

It wasn't nearly as wet as it looks.

I did t his to myself.

Melissa and her son Jack and I went on the Splash Tour where you put on Viking hats and roar at passers by. The amphibious car goes into a small lock reservoir and then back out again. I had no idea the vikings had such an influence on Dublin. Did you know that red hair was introduced to Ireland by the Vikings. And not as a toupee, either...

People were afraid to sit with me, so I had to make up my own seat companion.


  1. this cracked me up - esp the leprechaun and the viking. I wonder if they would get along?

  2. Looks like such a fun adventure! And you make quite the leprechaun, Graeme! :)