Wednesday, August 21, 2013

6 Reasons I'll be Safe in Cairo

With just two days before I go, I wanted to leave everyone with some concrete reasons not to worry. I've even created a map. But here are 5 simple reasons that my safety level is good in Cairo.

  1. I live almost 20 miles from the center of Cairo.
  2. The American University campus is a walled compound with armed guards.
  3. I live close to the airport.
  4. The current protests and violence are all at landmarks and have all been at pre-announced locations.
  5. I never visit areas where protests occur and don't plan to.
  6. In the case of a civil war or other extreme event, the U.S. will evacuate citizens.
For a comparison, look up D.C. or New York. If you travel 20 miles outside of either city, you're pretty far out. Just 16 miles from D.C. and you're in Chesapeake Bay. 20 miles from NY is either way into Jersey, or way out on Long Island. If there were violent protests in the heart of DC or Times Square, you wouldn't know about them unless you were watching it on the news. 

Below is a map showing you just how far away from the violence I am.

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