Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time Flies...Especially With Jet Lag

I was due to train students at the First Year Experience. I'm a classroom trainer, had gone to the meeting yesterday at 9 am, gotten my info, and was prepared. Well, I was prepared for anything but jet lag. The day started at 10:30 with a speech from the university's president, followed by my classroom activity, and group competitions.
Except that when I woke up, it sure seemed awfully bright outside. I'd slept poorly for three nights, struggling to stay up until 11 pm, but unable to sleep past 5:30 am. During the day, I yawned, struggled to stay awake, and finally seemed to get a second wind last night just when I thought I'd collapse. And I got a really good night's sleep. 13 whole hours of it. Right through to 2:12 pm. Yeah, it was bright outside because I'd missed my morning session by 2 hours, and the opening address by the president by 4 hours.

But I saved the by telling them that I was in a diabetic coma in my room. Now if I can juuust get the doctor to sign my note.... hmmm.... Whose blood can I get to prove I had low blood sugar?

Just kidding. I really was 4 hours late, and my program director understood, but c'mon, on the first day of a 3-day-workshop job? Why? And I got here two days early for this event just so I'd be ready. So much for being prepared. 

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