Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Um, Yeah, Too Old For Hosteling

So this posting is very late in coming, but better late than never, right? This was when I was traveling from visiting Jason, Lisette and their daughters in Holland and overnighted in Amsterdam. But it also talks about a hostel where I stayed in Berlin for a night.

Ok, so I thought I'd save some money by not staying in a 4-Star hotel. I went the hostel route here in Amsterdam. It's 6 to a room, or (ahem) 9 to a room. Bunk beds, lockers, shared toilet and shared shower. Could be cool, right? Never know who you're going to run into, like the industrial designer from Canada who's going back for his masters next year, or the teacher at a performing arts high school in Tampa who talked to me about how art reaches kids when some regular topics just don't. And then there are the aliens staying in MY room. Two separate couples on two separate sets of dates.

This isn't really a phenomenon yet, but twice in a row? Maybe it's the water. Both couples are these odd, quiet-to-the-point-of-silence, insisting on laying in the top bunk together wearing underwear and speaking so quietly between themselves that they can't be understood by me, or even heard by a mouse. I mean, it's basically a public room so a) go fuck in the shower or something, and b) just talk normally, otherwise we think you're plotting something.

They also don't leave the room. Amsterdam is a vibrant, fun, exciting, and distracting city with everything from legal pot to flower markets, the home of Anne Frank (booked solid for days), the Van Gogh musuem, etc. But where are these folks? whispering messages to the mother ship. I just don't know.

So sometimes when traveling, you get the poster kids. Sometimes you get Freaks on the Run.

You also get some cool old buildings. This building is at least 100 years old, possibly as old as 300. And let me tell you something, those Dutch folk liked their stairs vertical. Every time someone goes down the stairs, I wait for gravity to take over and to hear the panicked phone call to the ambulance! 

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  1. Ha! You're going to have to turn all these adventures into a book!