Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 6 - Party Prep (*will they like my potato salad?!*)

suitable for framing

Look! A chart! Is there anything more fun than a chart?! Maybe having your hair fall out because you're so nervous about your upcoming trip! 

Who cares if I have to pack and make important decisions like which travel-size shampoo to bring (* Crew with Citrus Mint cooling conditioner*)! Noooo! I've got a party to plan, burgers to make, potatoes to boil! Oh God, it's happened. I've reached "VERY NERVOUS" on the scale to the left. 

But the scale is wrong, people! It doesn't have any exclamation points, or even capital letters? How? How can it convey the way I feel when it's so impassive, staring at me with it's soulless frames, it's bold, Keynote™ display colors, its bold go-to box. As if I don't know I'm panicking. Leave me alone chart! Leave me alone! Sob.

Ok, off to Publix to buy burgers, snausages, buns, and beverages. I wonder what a back-yard BBQ looks like in Egypt.

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  1. Wow you don't seem nervous. Glad to know your heart is not made of stone. :) u actually Do have feelings. (I'm already missing you reading his :()