Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DAY 3 - Egypt Facts and Figures

Since I'm going to Egypt for school, I get a lot of questions: "Is it the Cairo in Illinois?" "Is it the Cairo in Georgia?'" No, this is the actual Cairo in Egypt.

Egypt is a country. You probably saw it in PRINCE OF EGYPT, the animated film, or maybe THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, the not animated film from 1955. Boy, when that Moses guy parts the Red Sea, wow, that was really something. Pharoah sure was mad. But I digress.

Egypt is in the very far north east of Africa. Sort of the "Maine" of Africa.
It has one of the world's largest cities (Cairo) that is home to 20 million people.
If I sell just one book to each person at a dollar each, I'll be rich. Don't tell my agent.

There is a lot of sand in Egypt, except for the blue part on the map. That's not just a blue line, it's the Nile, which is the source of almost all water in Egypt, and also the setting for Agatha Christie''s MURDER ON THE NILE starring Bette Davis, Mia Farrow and Simon McCorkindale.

Since most of my knowledge of Egypt comes from movies like SPHINX starring Leslie Ann Down and Frank Langella, I think I'll have pretty steep learning curve when I get there. In addition to its history (which is 7,000 years old, yes, longer than the recently ended show DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES), I'll have to study Arabic, customs, and get ready for the academic year. I will not be able to fake my way through this like I did Miss Thomas' senior advanced English. I had already spoken English for 15 years by the time I got to her class. The only words I know in Arabic are yes, no, congratulations, and sandaweecha. I better get back to the books.

yeah so what, I can't sleep!


  1. wait is that where they do that dance, walk like the egyptian?? i love that dance. I could totally go there.

    1. This dance, popularized in the 1980s has mostly fallen into disuse. I do think they still dance, though, possibly even belly dancing, which is supposed to be really good for your abdominal muscles.