Monday, June 25, 2012

Didn't I JUST Leave This Behind?

This picture is almost self-explanatory (except for the part that needs explaining.)

I'm at my sister's in Maryland, and went swimming in her pool. I really shouldn't have competed against my 12-year-old niece doing cannonball. But I did. And then came the water in the ear, the forbidden Q-tip (doctors say not to use them). And now, near deafness in my right ear.

Yeah, I KNOW that humans have bi-aural earing. I know that. But it sure is nice to hear out of both. So what do I need to clear out my ears... hmmm... maybe the EAR DROPS and BULB I left behind THREE DAYS AGO.

Ok, I've calmed down, I'll stop e-yelling. But isn't it ironic that the one of the very things I purposefully left behind: the bulb. eh, why will I need an ear bulb? pfft.) My own bulb (also blue) has been sitting unused in my bottom drawer for 2 years. Three days after I leave it behind, I need it. God's sense of humor. Me, I'm not so amused.

I'm hoping the ear clears before my flight on Friday. Because flying with a clogged ear, well, we won't go there. Besides, it's just a 12-hour flight. What could happen, right?


  1. Well, a fresh bulb may spare you from a brain-eating amoeba.

  2. just turn head down and hop. I hope you won cannonball contest :)

  3. Are you sure that's not the rare Murano vase in the picture, the one you left behind?