Saturday, July 14, 2012

Get Out While You Can!

Wait, that doesn't sound quite right. But what I mean is the weather in Dublin and Paris has been dis-mal. So I try to get out when I can. Yes, I know, you're thinking, 'who is he kidding complaining about the weather in Paris. Um, dude, that is Complain-Bragging.' I know, I know. But seriously, I had to do what I could when I could and it meant re-prioritizing my very small list of daily stuff. Instead of writing at home, I write at a cafe under the safe eaves of place six or seven tables deep. Great people watching, but warm and cozy. MORE TEXT BELOW PICTURES of WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW, NOW, NOW! When you ask a dog what time is it, what will he say? Dog: Now. It's now.

After getting my breasts augmented (so reasonable at the 2-for-1 sale Audrey and I found!), I thought I might get some new pants at the Strip Club section of the Champion shop where we spent the day on Dawson Street.

Eating Lunch with Robert, Audrey (not pictured) Sid and Serafina

What's better than movies?

The only non-running photo of Melissa and Tim's daughter Maria that I could get

This is normally what happens when you try to photograph Maria. 

Maria and Jack "brush their teeth." This really means they're brushing the sink with their MOTHER'S toothbrush. 

Graeme gets serious. A coastal train from Dublin to Bray where Audrey and her family picked me up for a jaunt up to Laragh where Robert grew up. It's the place with the Viking (really an anti-Viking) tower and medieval ruins)

I caught a tram line back to Dublin from this station. Notice that it's first in Irish (what we call Gaelic) first. Ireland makes a concerted effort to preserve the language, including it in school exams. All official signage is in Gaelic, and tram, bus, and train stops are announced in Gaelic too. 

Peter and Bernadette (back left) hosted us for a wonderful Indian meal. They are warm, funny, and have a great dog named Billy Bob who keeps the place well looked after when not hamming it up for the camera. 

What trip to Dublin would be complete without a unicycle machete-and-fire-baton-juggling street performer!

Rober'ts bangers and mash! Look at those onion rings!

Europeans don't always get Americanisms right. Or maybe this American just doesn't understand "Strip Club." Am I wrong here? 

Today is BASTILLE DAY in Paris. While I'm planning to see the fireworks at the Eiffel Tower, they might get cancelled due to high winds from the threat of (now pouring) rain storms. I still may head over the to the Eiffel Tower to get some half-sun, half-rain shots. Contrasts make great photos. And no matter what I'm getting a crepe and a hot dog. Well, the French version of a hot dog which is a mini baguette with a hole punched in the middle and then dipped in mustard, ketchup, and mayo if you like, and then wrapped in wax paper. De-li-cious. And fewer calories because you'll walk until your legs fall off.

So maybe I'll get lucky with the weather. Or maybe not. If not, I'm going to see How to Steal a Million which is playing in a retro Paris Through the Eyes of Hollywood program playing at the Forum des Images, this all-Paris movie thing they have near the Pompidou Center.

Oh, completely forgot. Went out last night to a place called Le Tango. It's an old-style dance club where the first half of the night is traditional dancing which is still taught here. The kind with dance steps and boy-girl partnering. It was really cool seeing all these couples whirling around the dance floor. After 11:30 or so, they go to disco, older songs and everyone sings a long. It sounds a little corny, but it was really fun and oddly cozy. It's something we don't really have in America, cozy is not something American clubs do.

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